Spacenus GmbH

"From satellite to tractor" - Make farming more efficient with data and analytics.

Founded in 2015 by

  • Riazuddin Kawsar

  • Lionel Born

Incubation period

01-07-2016 to 30-06-2017

About Spacenus GmbH

Increasing world population and food production are fairly complex challenges. At Spacenus, we see those from two perspectives: First, agriculture is a process. Farmers grow crops using machines, chemicals, know-how and experience. On the other hand, Agriculture is the core industry, which is binding the small farms to the corporations by providing services and sharing industrial competences. By innovating one through the other, we help to master upcoming challenges to feed the world population.

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The challenge

Farmers need to know a lot to manage their agricultural production like the crops, weather, soil and their interactions under variable conditions. The understanding about the inputs such as seed, variety, fertilizer are also essential. Then again, yield optimization techniques like variable rate seeding are making the whole process fairly complicated. To have a better insight, the farms are producing big data about planting, satellite based monitoring, chemical applications, harvest etc. Making sense out of these data is a tedious process and requires multiple software. That is making it almost impossible for the farmers to compare the yield performance against their application data, which is their primary concern. Spacenus is tracking the developments in the agricultural industry and provides tools to simplify these complexities. Because at the end of the day, all that matters for us is that growers are productive and profitable. Only then, the rest of the value chain can thrive.

The solution

To address the agricultural complexity, Spacenus is building a subscription-based, highly scalable decision support system, which will be available for various platforms. The primary user of our system will be farmers via the channel of the chemical companies, metal and steel companies, traders, financial industries, governmental institutions, food processing companies and the other stakeholders of the agricultural industries. We will tailor our services according to different companies' needs.
Our core services will be based on the following core service concepts:

a. Customized alert services
b. Feature extraction services
c. Analytical intersection services
d. Decision Support system
e. Machine data link services