wer denkt was GmbH

The solution provider for participatory software.

Founded in 2009 by

  • Robert Lokaiczyk

  • Tobias Klug

Incubation period

01-11-2010 to 31-10-2012


About wer denkt was GmbH

Wer|denkt|was GmbH is a solution provider for participatory software for the public sector. Municipalities use our solutions for crowd-sourced idea or complaint management. We implemented the modern concerns management „Mängelmelder“, where citizens can report objective public infrastructure defects to their public authorities all over Germany. But also in a corporate environment the usage of social software offers new ways to implement market research activities directly in the points of sale.

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The challenge

Wer|denkt|was GmbH recognised the potential of the permanent web and mobile connectivity of the crowd: on one side looking for possibilities for bridging the gap between citizens and local politics through new communication channels, on the other side linking widespread availability of smartphones to the need of companies to gather scattered data in real-time.

The solution

Wer|denkt|was GmbH offers solutions for E-Participation such as the well-known „Mängelmelder“, that allows citizens to easily give notice of defects in the city landscape to their local urban administration. For idea and complaint management scenarios Wer|denkt|was GmbH deploys a generic online discussion platform that is scalable, lean and quickly leading to results. Furthermore, the platform has been expanded for surveys and opinion polls amongst citizens.

For the private sector, wer|denkt|was GmbH has developed a crowdsourcing platform where manufacturer, agencies or retail chains can outsource the search for market informations to a crowd of thousands of users that collect the requested data through the company owned mobile application named appJobber. wer denkt was GmbH has connected smartphone users to corporate needs, making out of them all-time available mikroworkers who allow the on place analisys of retail executions and consumer insights.