Crystalspace OÜ

CrystalSpace designs CubeSat subsystems and revolutionises vacuum process monitoring

Founded in 2013 by

  • Pätris Halapuu

  • Jaan Viru

Incubation period

25-12-2017 to 25-12-2019

About Crystalspace OÜ

We are mostly engineering company and majority of our skills are practical. Our electrical engineering competences include: digital, analog and RF electronic development, prototyping and manufacture. Mechanical lab has designed, prototyped and manufactured several electromechanical systems. Our software developers program firmware for different microcontrollers and FPGAs.

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The challenge

There are approximately 50 000 vacuum chambers in Europe and more than 500 000 all over the world in different industries, universities, research facilities etc. Vacuum chambers currently do not have an elegant and/or inexpensive solution for monitoring and recording processes that are going on inside the vacuum chambers. Current solutions require expensive modifications to the chamber in order to add a fixed position camera or observation window. CrystalSpace is transferring the space technology to non-space environment to create miniature wireless portable vacuum chamber cameras.

The solution

With ESA BIC CrystalSpace will fully develop and market miniature portable vacuum chamber camera. CrystalSpace is planning to cooperate with vacuum chamber manufacturers and vendors first as they are in contact with the end users. The idea is to get the camera system into manufacturer catalogue so their old and new clients who need maintenance service or buy the chamber could also acquire for the camera. This way the client reach is the widest and fastest. By the end of the ESA BIC period it is predicted to have 6 EU biggest vacuum chambers manufactures contracts and at least 6 other.