Golbriak Space OÜ

We develop next generation optical communication

Founded in 2017 by

  • Simone Briatore

  • Rustam Skhtyamov

  • Nicola Garzaniti

Incubation period


About Golbriak Space OÜ

Golbriak Space is a newly founded company in Tallinn, Estonia. Our mission is to develop and implement the services and the enabling technologies for distributed and federated satellite missions, by enhancing the telecommunication capabilities in the optical field for small and micro satellites.

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The challenge

The current state of satellites is mostly characterized by single-satellite missions and few example of constellations: a common denominator of the situation are the challenges introduced by inter-satellite communication capabilities, obstructed not only by technical difficulties but mostly by bureaucratical slowdowns and mutual interferences.

The solution

We plan to improve the performances of different platforms and to lay down the foundations of cloud computing in space by interconnecting satellites from different providers in a unique and secure network.