Spaceit OÜ

Your Mission is Our Mission. Building awesome software for operating small satellites.

Founded in 2015 by

  • Lauri Kimmel

  • Mihkel Jalakas

  • Silver Lodi

Incubation period


About Spaceit OÜ

Spaceit OÜ is a private limited company established by Lauri Kimmel, Silver Lodi and Mihkel Jalakas in 2015 after Lauri having worked on developing the ESTCube-1 satellite mission software and experiencing the industry problems of highly expensive, unreliable and inefficient mission control systems. Spaceit offers Mission Control System (MCS) for satellite missions as a scalable cloud service.

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The challenge

Satellite missions are spending up to 50% of the mission budget to MCS development, upkeep and operations. Due to lack of viable alternatives on the market, MCS is often built in-house from scratch. Often these solutions have limited scalability, a few
essential features, low security, high maintenance costs, narrow radio coverage. Such oneoff solutions do not satisfy user needs and have negative impact to mission success.

The solution

Spaceit offers MCS as a service. It runs on cloud and allows to operate multiple satellites/missions simultaneously using worldwide network of ground stations. By eliminating software development, investments into hardware and extra resources for MCS maintenance, operational costs of a mission are decreased by 2x, overall budget by 30%. Constantly developed product provides high quality, improved functionality and security.