AtSharp is specialized in localization based on different technologies(o.a. GPS, WiFi, dash7, ...)

Founded in 2010 by

  • Tim Denis

Incubation period

01-02-2013 to 31-07-2014


About AtSharp

AtSharp a spin-off of Antwerp University (Artesis) specialized in localization (o.a. GPS).
In the ESA BIC project a stackable chip has been developed combining different localizations technologies (GPS, RFID, WiFi, dash 7, ...) together with back-office algorithms (ORCA) – cloud service providing location data based on combination of technologies

Contact info

The challenge

Combining different technologies for localization into an efficient algorithm.

The solution

ORCA (Opportunistic Realtime Context Awareness) being an online platform, the need for dedicated infrastructure lapsed The opportunistic nature of the ORCA service implies both support for readily available infrastructure (reducing cost) in the environment (such as Wi-Fi networks, RFID badge scanners, laptops, smartphones, GPS satellites…) and combination of technologies