Road Safety Through AI and Engagement. Connected. Smart. Empowered.

Founded in 2012 by

  • Mateusz Maj

  • Maciej Myslinski

Incubation period

01-02-2015 to 31-08-2016

About Motosmarty

Motosmarty (branch name VivaDrive) creates intelligent software that geives personalized feedback and incentives to improve driving behaviour while keeping driving fun and engaging. 
VivaDrive bringst ot the car insurance and leasing lower customer acquisition and retention costs,brand loyalty improvement and claims reduction.

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The challenge

We started with Digital Driving Pass (DDP) as a driving license of the future with emphasis on creating DDP driving profile based on driving behavior. Such a profile could be used in different contexts across the whole driving journey, just like the traditional driving license does, from early-on driving education to later life advanced driving. Nice concept but first telematics needs to become a mass-market solution.

That is why we decide to become VivaDrive, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution that focuses on helping car insurance and car leasing companies create engaging and successful driver communities. That way VivaDrive helps companies increase brand loyalty, lower new customer acquisition cost and reduce claims, lapse and loss ratios. We are convinced that this a good way to bring telematics to a mass-market user.

The solution

VivaDrive is:
Smartphone-based platform (Android and iOS) for driving data collection and driver improvement and engagement through gamification, community and rewards.
Big Data telematics platform processing large-scale data integrated from various sources (smartphone, connected car, user input, 3rd party sources) and generating smart analytics about driving and mobility taking into account driving behaviour, car usage, safety & risk, driver engagement and customer health.
B2B community dashboard providing comprehensive analytics that help to learn about drivers and community. It contains an advanced marketing campaign engine that makes information actionable through personalized challenges and rewards designed to engage your drive community. As a result it allows to track individual user's driving trends, monitor driving trends of the community, contact individual drivers, stimulate better driving through driving challenges and rewards.