nazka mapps

Focused on a sustainable society, nazka makes smart mapps: customized & innovative map applications.

Founded in 2013 by

  • Nicolas Dosselaere

  • Han Tambuyzer

  • Ides Bauwens

Incubation period

01-02-2015 to 31-07-2016


About nazka mapps

nazka makes smart mapps. They are ideal to present the results of earth observation data to a wider public.
Satellite positioning/navigation is an indespensale aspect in these applications.
Out of nazka mapps arose two separae products
nostalgeo lets you experience the street view of the past
aircheckr provides air quality dat a at street level 

Contact info

    • Ravensteinstraat 48A
    • 3191
    • Hever
    • Belgium
  • +32 477 260434

The challenge

The challenge is to  translate the often “far-from-my-bed space applications” to concrete tools for everyday use and to collect & analyse geographically linked data of different sources. 

The solution

The managing partners of nazka have 30 years of expertise, in several areas like (satellite-)image processing, land cover classification, flood modelling, thermography, risk mapping,... 
nazka has two major specialities : interactive mapps and spatial analysis
The interactive map applications place particular emphasis on accessibility, simplicity and user friendliness. This way we try to keep the complexity of all the data and the geo-analysis in the background. We work with open source and tailor-made designs.
Within “spatial analysis”, nazka mapps collects and analyses geographically linked ‘data’ of different sources and converts it into valuable ‘knowledge’, often in the form of a map. This way e.g. nazka maps floods on the basis of satellite imagery.