Track your assets for 5 years with 2 AA bateries

Founded in 2013 by

  • Kristoff Van Rattinghe

  • Johan Criel

  • Koen Van Vlaenderen

Incubation period

19-02-2015 to 30-09-2016

About Sensolus

Sensolus offers care-free tracking of your valuable non-powered assets directly from the cloud. Our technology is extreme low-power, easy to install and offers maintenance free control on your assets in the field.

Contact info

The challenge

Offering easy to install, ruggedized, low cost (investment & operational) tracking solutions with long autonomy for non-powered assets.

The solution

Sensolus makes trackers (stickNtrack) Designed for the Industrial Internet of Things, complying with the highest standards. It comes in a waterproof, shock resistant and fully enclosed casing, a must have for a long lasting tracking result. stickNtrack is optimized in various ways to make a great GPS tracker with an extreme long battery life time (e.g. by using LPWAN networks (Sigfox) for communication).