Solenco Power

Solenco Power Box - Reversible fuel cell The missing link for mass uptake of solar PV

Founded in 2015 by

  • Hugo Vandenborre

Incubation period

15-05-2016 to 14-05-2017

About Solenco Power

The Solenco Power Box is an energy storage device based on hydrogen. it is charged by electical power from a renewable energy source and returns electrical power and heat.
The heart of the system is a reversible fuel cell with heat recovery. It is an eco-friendly energy solution without emissions during production and consumption that canrealise a reliable fully independent off grid energy solution.

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The challenge

Off grid renewable energy systems need a reliable and costeffective storage system. Batteries can play that role but hydrogen based storage could be a valuable alternative.

The solution

The SPB SOLENCO POWER BOX TM (SPB) eliminates the uncertainty of supply and cost of energy for family homes and commercial buildings by using small-scale energy storage based on hydrogen technology, in combination with renewable energy sources (wind and solar PV). This technology distinguishes itself from better known battery technologies by making it technologically and financially feasible to store more energy and even realizing seasonal storage as opposed to hour/day storage. The SPBTM is a Decentralized Power Production & Storage Device that enables a shift in the energy model from central distribution to local generation and distribution while stabilizing the grid and hence enabling higher penetration (up to 100%) solar PV energy. The product enables EU households to be 100% independent from the grid and 100% independent from price fluctuations in fossil fuels. It is the missing link for mass uptake of residential solar PV.