Virtual Ugnition / Tapazz

Car sharing the Tapazz way. Rent a car from your neighbours.

Founded in 2012 by

  • Maarten Kooiman

Incubation period

01-09-2015 to 31-08-2016

About Virtual Ugnition / Tapazz

Tapazz has  developed as a platform to use idle resources more efficiently. This consist of software to identify, verify, follow up administer and pay. All in a secure way including hardware to provide access to and trace location, movements and exchange commands.
Need a car? rent it from your neighbours.
Our software platform takes care of the verifications, booking flown payments and insurance.

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The challenge

Building a community of trusted private car sharing using state of the art technologies for tracking, communication and pay services.To develop a platform independent black box that can be controlled via smartphone and allows to simulate signals to access (open/close) resources and monitor and trace their location movements and history of commands in a highly secured way.
This box should integrate with reservation and booking systems like tapazz to be able to exchange permissions and should allow for detailed track, trace, movements and logging data communication

The solution

The back-office service for private car sharing has been optimized and is now fully operational. Tapazz counts now 140 cars and 1600 users.
The development of an in car device  including GPS module replacing the car key allowing to open and close the car with a smartphone app providing thb e car has a start/stop button has been prototyped and is tested.
Activities have been expanded from private car sharing also to applications for company cars car sharing (fleet owners and lease companies).