The wave propelled unmanned surface vessel (USV)

Founded in 2013 by

  • David Maclean

  • Mike Poole

Incubation period

16-05-2016 to 31-12-2017

About AutoNaut

The AutoNaut is an unmanned surface vessel (USV) propelled forward by the motion of the waves.  Patented Wave Foil Technology enables long-term mission duration and an extensive range of sensors and equipment are powered by solar energy.  AutoNaut operates as a versatile data collection platform in oceanic environments allowing a wide range of scientific and survey tasks to conducted cost-effectively and with significantly reduced safety risks.

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The challenge

AutoNaut’s unique Wave Foil Technology draws energy from the pitch and roll of the hull in waves.  Through all wave directions, the vessel is propelled forward by four keel-mounted foils fore and aft.  In flat calm, the system can be assisted by an auxiliary propeller for a 1 to 3 knot speed. Extensive hydrodynamic testing has refined the technology and field trials have proven its robustness in stormy seas.

The solution

AutoNaut can be operated from anywhere in the world over an internet connection, permitting deployment in the most remote and hostile areas.  Command and control information is continuously transmitted via satellite from the onboard system to remote operators.  AutoNaut has inbuilt collision avoidance and circumvent any active target.
Applications currently include:
Metocean data acquisition
Marine Survey
Passive Acoustic Monitoring
Water Quality Measurement
Marine Life Monitoring
Communications Gateway