Blubel is a smart bicycle bell that knows its way around your city

Founded in 2015 by

  • Sasha Afanasieva

Incubation period

16-05-2016 to 15-07-2017


About Blubel

Our mission is to make cycling easier and safer so that our cities become greener, fitter and happier. We have developed Blubel, a sat nav device in a bicycle bell that navigates cyclists using its intuitive sound and lights interface. Supported by the Blubel app, the device crowdsources data from the cycling community. 

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The challenge

One of the main barriers to cycling is that it can be incredibly stressful if you don’t know the way. Often cyclists end up on busy roads that feel dangerous, polluted and generally unsuitable for cycling. Cyclists are not warned about potential dangers: cyclists frequently find unsafe or unpleasant points on their route, and at times when it is too late to react. They have no easy way to alert each other in real time. Crucially - current live mapping tools do not take into account crowdsourced cycling journey data.

The solution

Cyclists will no longer have to worry about getting lost or finding a safe place to stop and check directions. Blubel will guide them in a simple and intuitive way, using lights and sounds. Riders can also ring Blubel just like any other bicycle bell – Blubel will record the location of each ring so that we can use collated data to alert the rest of the community about potential hazards – such as potholes, roadworks, or even busy pedestrian crossings.