We make healthy food for farmed animals, without wrecking the planet


  • Keiran Olivares Whitaker

Incubation period

10-03-2017 to 09-03-2018

About Entocycle

Entocycle is transforming the $150 billion animal feed industry with an innovative technology that converts waste treatment costs into new revenue streams.
We combine nature with high-tech engineering to produce high-value insect-based protein feed for animals, replacing environmentally destructive fish and soya meal.
We are transferring space assets into the everyday using robotic automation, big data analysis, life support systems and scheduling protocols.

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    • London
    • England
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The challenge

Farming is the most damaging activity mankind has ever invented. The current system is completely dependent on protein from dwindling fish stocks and land intensive soya to produce the animals we humans eat. The inefficiencies that occur a result of this broken system are having massive economic, social, and environmental impact, and will only worsen, with an anticipated 70% increase in global demand for meat and fish by 2050. As a planet we will be 60m tonnes short of protein by 2030 (IPIFF).

The solution

Insects are the natural food for farmed animals, yet have been largely overlooked until now. We believe that insect protein is the future of farming. The insect we farm is nutritionally superior to soya meal and comparable to fish meal, whilst being unaffected by growing environmental issues such as drought or dwindling supply. The Black Soldier Fly is the fastest, most efficient, and ethical way to produce organic protein. The production of our insect meal is unaffected by growing environmental damage and climate change as we can farm these insects indoors and in small spaces.