Esplorio is the simplest way to record and share your travels.

Founded in 2012 by

  • Tim Fernando

Incubation period

16-02-2015 to 15-02-2016


About Esplorio

Esplorio is a travel startup born out of the University of Oxford software incubator. Its goal is to provide a simple way for people to record, relive and share their travels, while also providing intelligent travel recommendations for the future.

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The challenge

There are very few services like Esplorio out there that focus on letting frequent or professional travellers better record their adventures. While services like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allow users to share individual moments, there is no service out there that lets a person share entire journeys. Esplorio is looking to not only do satisfy that need, but also use the information gained to improve an individuals future trips.

The solution

Esplorio lets users automatically record their travels with just a push of a button, aggregating GPS data from their mobile devices and social data to produce beautiful interactive maps and timelines. The resulting trips can easily be shared on social media and can also be used to understand a user’s travel preferences, allowing Esplorio to make highly personalised travel recommendations for the future.
Esplorio is one of the first services to comprehensively combine GPS data with these many sources of social and locational data. As Esplorio extensively relies on GPS, GLONASS, geographical data sets and satellite imagery to accurately determine the position of its users, working with the ESA provides them with the resources and expertise they need to improve the quality or their service.