GeoCento is working to make satellite images of the Earth accessible to professionals.

Founded in 2011 by

  • Kim Partington

Incubation period

03-01-2012 to 30-06-2013


About GeoCento

Geocento is developing simple, configurable web services, underpinned by access to imagery from an unrivalled range of image suppliers, to enable multiple markets to benefit from imagery.

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The challenge

Although major growth is taking place in the quantity and variety of imagery that is available to markets such as oil and gas and insurance, these markets lack easy to use tools to ingest imagery into their operations, from image discovery, to ordering, access and visualisation.

The solution

Geocento sees major scalable business in being able to provide access to imagery from the wide range of suppliers through multiple, simple webservices each addressing common user cases. These webservices can be incorporated directly into third party operations and services, thus providing deep access to markets, and for users they reduce significantly the overheads of time and expertise needed when users attempt to deal with suppliers directly.