iGeolise’s TravelTime platform makes maps searchable by travel time rather than distance.

Founded in 2012 by

  • Peter Lilley

  • Charlie Davies

Incubation period

01-05-2012 to 30-04-2014


About iGeolise

Half of all searches on the web are for location-specific content such as houses, jobs, shops, restaurants, dates etc. Those website enable their users to filter results by distance - ‘within X miles’ search boxes. But when travelling, minutes mean more than miles. Our vision is to replace every ‘within X miles’ search box with TravelTime.

Contact info

The challenge

We’ve built a platform any website or mobile app can link to, so their users can search for the content they want by the travel time and transport mode of their choice. We license TravelTime to businesses holding location specific content (jobs, dates, properties, shops, restaurants etc.). Clients include Zoopla, Countrywide, OpenTable, Visit Britain, Jobsite, Local World, Pitney Bowes, Map Mechanics, and the Greater London Authority. We offer 2 products - TravelTime platform is for consumer-facing sites, and MinuteMapr is for business analyses.
TravelTime is live across the UK, Republic of Ireland, Thailand, Switzerland, Australia and the USA. Our revenues now exceed £1m a year, with a ‘very healthy’ profit margin.

The solution

Here’s the thing … more searches from mobile devices are for locations than for any other type of content (over 50%). They’re places people are going to travel to in the near future - indeed 60% of mobile location specific searches result in a store trip within the hour. The GPS unit in a mobile device locates the user so that they can simply enter their available travel time and transport mode in order to find the content they seek. They don’t need to either know or enter their location as the origin for the search. That’s a real advantage for someone travelling. In this way, satellite derived data (GPS) provides a real benefit for mobile consumers when they searching a site that uses TravelTime.  
More than this – the TravelTime platform provides detailed turn by turn, door to door routing, which GPS enables us to update as the mobile user navigates their route.