Lacuna Space

Providing low-cost, simple and reliable connections to sensors and mobile equipment.

Founded in 2016 by

  • Robert Spurrett

  • Thomas Telkamp

Incubation period

10-03-2017 to 09-03-2018

About Lacuna Space

Low-cost, simple and reliable global connections to sensors and mobile equipment. The Lacuna Network just works everywhere, and all the time, so you can focus on using data from your sensors or tracking the status of your moving asset.

Contact info

    • ESA BIC, Atlas Building, Fermi Avenue
    • OX11 0QX
    • Harwell Campus
    • England
  • +44 7827828624

The challenge

The connectivity of people has vastly improved over the last decade, and over the next decade a similar transformation will occur in the connection devices, sensors and 'things'. Most applications need simple low-cost connectivity that doesn't have drop-outs and can work with really low-cost sensors.

The solution

Satellite IoT can provide global scale connectivity, even in the most remote regions, with very simple low-cost devices and sensors. The possibilities are endless and many industries will be transformed by the Internet of Things.