ManagePlaces Construction Project Management


Founded in 2013 by

  • Georgios Michalakidis

  • Aaron Mason

Incubation period

01-02-2014 to 31-03-2015


About ManagePlaces Construction Project Management

ManagePlaces is an award-winning, easy-to-use project management platform for property, construction and installation companies. Built from the ground up to address the specific requirements of businesses in these sectors, ManagePlaces does the hard work for you, giving you complete control over activity, teams and finances, making project management stress-free and highly efficient. And with world class support and simple pricing, ManagePlaces really does help you scale and grow.

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The challenge

Traditional project management is cumbersome and often relies on files, emails and documents saved in different places. Team communication is famously poor as team members often work in different locations. On top of that expenditure can be difficult to stay on top of, often leading to spiralling costs. Changes and updates have to be actioned manually and tasks that are affected by changes to the project are often overlooked, leading to inefficiency and stress.

The solution

ManagePlaces centralises and streamlines your projects into one platform so you have full control over all activity, documents, teams and expenditure. The platform allows you to manage multiple projects at a high level and also at a micro-detailed level too. With a range of industry specific features including an interactive gantt chart, unlimited document storage and management as well as team collaboration, finance and reporting, ManagePlaces will help you modernise your project management initiatives for drastically improved results.