Buy experience gifts online and create a smart phone treasure hunt!

Founded in 2014 by

  • Amanda Mackrill

Incubation period

06-05-2014 to 31-03-2015


About Mapskey

Mapskey are creating personalised maps and location with context. Internet shopping has changed the way we give gifts, but it is hard to wrap an online voucher.  Mapskey aim to give some of the excitement back by wrapping an online gift with our smartphone app Gift Reveal. They are using GPS and smartphone technology which give instructions to destinations to sell a personalised itinerary of activities or goods and services. 

Contact info

The challenge

Internet shopping has revolutionised the way we purchase gifts for our friends and family but when it comes to giving presents such as vouchers or concert tickets, how can you wrap them in a thoughtful and exciting way?

The solution

Through the use of navigation coding, GPS and smartphone technology, Mapskey have created a mobile application that enhances the gift giving experience through the creation of personalised maps.
By accessing a tailored itinerary of activities, goods and services on the Mapskey website, the user will be able to select an appropriate gift for their loved one and design a treasure hunt which will give a set of instructions or clues to a specified destination were the gift is revealed.