MeVitae is a cognitive recruiting software that makes intelligent and personalised hiring decisions

Founded in 2014 by

  • Riham Satti

  • Vivek Doraiswamy

Incubation period

16-02-2015 to 15-02-2017


About MeVitae

MeVitae are building the only AI trained on how we think. The purpose. Augmented Intelligence to unleash human potential. The award winning team are using data-driven and cognitive techniques aimed at uncovering insights, and making intelligent and personalised decisions, tailored to every company needs.

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The challenge

There are several human decision making factors that limit our decision-making, from speed-accuracy tradeoff to knowledge. More information can be found here about the limitations of human decision making. This includes recruitment, space, advertising etc. In the case of recruitment, a scheme is key for managing the talent challenges companies are confronted with, from hiring to retaining employees. Hiring decisions impact everything a company does, from its vision to values, including the firm’s ability to innovate and dynamically adapt in a competitive marketplace. The issue is that today’s, many industries are highly fragmented and facing an assortment of challenges due to human biases that limit decision making.

The solution

MeVitae leverage data-driven cognitive solutions to solve the world’s biggest employment challenges, from increasing workplace diversity to global mobility with the vision of unleashing human capital for financial and social capital. For instance:
Diversity: Detect and
correct for unconscious biases
People Analytics and Shortlisting: Scoring, ranking and shortlisting top talent
Labour Market Predictions: Analytical solutions to understand talent market demands, e.g. what jobs are in demand within a certain demographic, current wages etc. Assess implications of moving talent, analyse KPIs for each talent solution and identify top sourcing locations based on company’s needs.
MeVitae’s underpinning technology allows people to make intelligent and personalised decisions without human limitations, with applications in other sectors.