High resolution analysis of natural resources using satellite technology & above ground data sets

Founded in 2012 by

  • Tim Vallings

Incubation period

01-09-2013 to 01-09-2014


About Rezatec

Rezatec applies new science to remote sensing data, such as satellite imagery, to produce landscape intelligence data products that help customers manage the impact of environmental change on their business.  Rezatec’s unique strength lies in its ability to aggregate large amounts of diverse data from satellite, airborne and ground instruments to provide decision support tools to help businesses manage risk.

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The challenge

Globally, organisations are facing new challenges resulting from environmental, climate, economic and social change. There are ever increasing demands being placed on land and its use fuelled by the need for water security, food security and renewable energy sources. There is now a need for different types of decision support tools to help organisations adapt to new pressures and to meet changing demand and supply drivers; this is where satellite data and remote sensing techniques can help.  
Rezatec was formed in 2012 to help businesses better manage their land-based assets by making use of the increasingly sophisticated but complex array of Earth Observation (EO) imagery and data available.

The solution

Rezatec’s landscape intelligence platform aggregates large amounts of diverse data from satellite, airborne and ground instruments and through its mapping, measuring and monitoring services provides critical support for commercial, environmental and social decision-making for businesses. The end-to-end platform captures a wide range of landscape characteristics in high spatial and temporal resolution and provides layers of georeferenced information and associated analysis all within a user-friendly web-based dashboard tailored to each customer’s requirements.