B-Open Solution

Open source solutions for geospatial data

Founded in 2004 by

  • Alessandro Amici

  • Maurizio Bottaccio

  • Marco Montuori

Incubation period

01-04-2007 to 31-01-2011


About B-Open Solution

B-Open Solutions s.r.l was founded in 2004, by Alessandro Amici, Maurizio Bottaccio and Marco Montuori to exploit their multi-year experience in the application of open source software in the scientific and industrial fields.

Contact info

    • Viale Palmiro Togliatti, 1639
    • 00155
    • Roma
    • Italy
  • +39 06 837 082

The challenge

The business idea is to leverage the know how and technology developed by ESA in the Geospatial data handling field and in particular by ongoing initiatives related to data standardisation and interoperability.

The solution

B-Open designs, develops and integrates solutions for the production, management, processing and exploitation of geographical data. In the screenshot, a webgGIS solution integrating information and data from different sources.
Solutions :
Remote Sensing and Earth Observatio - Excellence in creating value added products from SAR and optical imagery.
Environmental Monitoring and Reporting - Custom designed national and international environmental reporting systems.
Geospatial data analysis - Full stack management of geospatial data from the sensor to the publication and analysis.