Blue Thread

advanced satellite technologies

Founded in 2009 by

  • Giacomo Mangani

Incubation period

17-12-2009 to 15-11-2011


About Blue Thread

Blue Thread S.r.l. is a small and flexible company with high technical and managerial competence offering innovative solutions mainly addressed to marine and space applications Blue Thread develops navigation solutions for the nautical sector, integrating the most advanced satellite technologies with state of the art sensing, connectivity and monitoring techniques.The company’s mission is to develop products and proprietary innovative solutions in specific sectors as principally space and marine

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The challenge

Innovative multi-technology is today a key factor for developing flexible, functional and reliable systems that can fulfill the specific requirements for maritime applications, as assisted-navigation, auto-pilot, fleet-management, weather monitoring and reporting.
Blue thread concentrates a large technological background, advanced management processes, and a strong focus towards the destination market, within a small flexible enterprise. This allows to develop and to deploy customized solutions, with high quality standards at competitive prices.

The solution

The “SPACE COMPASS” device is based on satellite navigation and exploits the accuracy now reachable with EGNOS, for the determination of the boat orientation respect to geographic north (True Heading).