Centrale Valutativa

Irrigation advice to save more than 20% of the water

Founded in 2015 by

  • Fabrizio Tenna

  • Stefano Lo Presti

Incubation period

03-07-2017 to 02-07-2019

About Centrale Valutativa

Centrale Valutativa S.r.l. is an innovative start-up founded in January 2016 by seven partners who had been working together over the past decade, as a team, in a big consulting company operating in agro-environmental field. The project aims at improving the existing forecasting systems for irrigation management, that are based on static mathematical models, with dynamic information deductible from satellite images of the Copernicus mission.

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The challenge

Project Tethys. It’s a precision-farming innovative tool to optimise the irrigation water management, guaranteeing savings of at least 20%. The target market has been identified in farms, water consortia and golf clubs.

The solution

Tethys is a smartphone and web application based on an evapotranspiration model (SEBAL), using satellite and other data (climate, soil, crop, etc.) to provide farmers an advice on the proper irrigation volumes and times;