Soil Consumption Alert

Founded in 2017 by

  • Marcello Maranesi

Incubation period

15-09-2017 to 12-09-2019

About Gmatics

The service intends to use ESA Sentinel high revisit and the free of charge data policy to develop a new service to provide very timely alerts to Public Administrations about changes in their land use that could represent a threat to soil conservation, enabling them to take fast decisions and actions before problems consolidate;

Contact info

The challenge

The service will be offered to customers on a subscription basis, with access through the web and an easy to use application that will provide an effective user experience both at desk and in the field.
SoCoA will target Public Administrations such as Municipalities, Protected Areas Agencies, Basin Authorities and Regions, in charge of local land management and soil protection, as well as National Institutions such as Ministries of Environment and Environmental Research Agencies, for supporting them in their policy making and control activities.

The solution

SoCoA using a combination of Sentinel-1 (amplitude and phase) and Sentinel-2 (various multi-spectral bands) for detecting and classifying the land use changes. Monitoring will be done monthly and, in case of need, more frequent data will be processed to better understand rapidly evolving situations. COSMO-SkyMed data will be used for having better discrimination of changes in urban environments while VHR optical data will be used as reference information for verification purpose of specific situations.