Green Wireless Sensor Network

Founded in 2005 by

  • Marco Berliocchi

Incubation period

20-07-2007 to 27-06-2012


About RapTech

Raptech was founded in 2005 as a spin-off of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. Our staff is made up of experienced qualified engineers and PhDs.

Contact info

The challenge

They offer their customers turnkey SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) solutions, consultancy and training services.Their products use a multi-protocol and multi-standard approach so that they are quick and easy to install. The acquired data is collected and transmitted to our servers where it can be managed, analyzed and displayed intuitively on our portal cloud (R-Cloud), accessible by PC, tablet or smartphone.

The solution

Their SCADA solutions have been specifically designed for industrial monitoring and have been successfully applied to monitor the energy production in photovoltaic systems and wind turbines (we are monitoring more than 500MW), energy flows in factories and environmental parameters in cryogenic chambers. they have designed and built the system to be extremely versatile so that it can be applied in many other fields: Agriculture, Operation and Maintenance, etc.. .