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Founded in 2006 by

  • Fabrice Brito

Incubation period

29-01-2007 to 28-01-2009


About Terradue

Terradue was founded in 2006 as a spin-off of ESA on the initiative of two researchers, who has been held for the Agency research on grid technologies (GRID Computing).
More INFO https://www.terradue.com/portal/

Contact info

The challenge

The company streamlines the production, management and distribution of environmental information, leveraging cloud computing technologies and earth observations inventories. The company’s activities focus on the use of web services, web protocols, Grid and Cloud APIs, to support distributed spatial data management, and high performance computing applications in collaborative digital environments.

The solution

The company bases its business on the high expertise in processing the Earth Observation Data. More info: https://www.terradue.com/portal/about