Pollution needs to be measured before being controlled.

Founded in 2015 by

  • Mauro García Acero

Incubation period

30-11-2015 to 30-11-2017



Automated Devices is a start-up that was born in early 2015 in Madrid, the company was formed by a team of engineers with deep technological knowledge and experience in design and production of electronic systems.

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The challenge

Development of an industrial monitoring system to control environmental pollution as well as artificial atmospheres or heavily polluted areas. This includes: environmental controller system, infrared sensors for pollution detection, environmental consulting for urban areas and more. 

The solution

ECOntroller is an accurate gas measuring device, equipped with an intelligent system that is networked with other devices in the area. It continuously obtains levels of different gases, such a carbon dioxide, ozone, butane, methane, oxygen, etc, but also particles, humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure, noise and light. The system can be customized under the requirements of the client.