Optimising operation and maintenance to maximise yield

Founded in 2017 by

  • Luis Barreiro

  • Andrés Umaña

Incubation period

27-03-2017 to 27-03-2019

About BD4BS

BD4BS is a new disrupting provider in the Renewable Energy Industry. We use the Big Data Analytics capabilities from the Industrial Internet of Things to find and predict losses and the way to eliminate or minimise them.

Contact info

    • Calle Faraday, 7, Campus de Cantoblanco,
    • 28049
    • Madrid
    • Spain
  • +34 620 960 790

The challenge

Our platform is using predictive machine learning algorithms and techniques of existing facilities large datasets enriched with external data and generates recommendations that Optimise the O& M in a way that maximises the energy generation

The solution

BD4BS Performance Movie is an analytics platform that provides artificial intelligence to large photovoltaic facilities, focused in improving the production of green energy through the optimization of the operations and management.