Drone Hopper

Saving lives in wildfire day and night operations.

Founded in 2016 by

  • Pablo Flores

Incubation period

29-11-2016 to 29-05-2018

About Drone Hopper

DRONE HOPPER is a heavy-duty drone designed to provide aerial support for wildfires firefighting. This is a high tech solution that permits its adaptability to different conditions, including night operations, required any moment to control wildfires.

Contact info

    • Parque científico Universidad Carlos III Madrid
    • 28919
    • Madrid
    • Spain
  • +34 620 55 02 3

The challenge

Each drone has a maximum capacity of loading up to 300 liters of water and a size of 160 cm (diameter) by 50 cm (height).
The selected configuration provides a compact, stable, and failure-tolerant solution. The drone includes structural modifications in order to transport and nebulize up to 300 litres of water in a safe and controlled manner. It also includes control systems, thermographic cameras, and navigation systems. 

The solution

·        DRONE HOPPER can transport and release water mist directly into the seat of the fire.
·        Its design permits guiding the water mist jet directly over the seat of fire.
·        Each mission with 300 liters of water could cover from 50 to 100 meters of fire, depending on the spray intensity required to extinguish it.
·        The drones are transported by land and take off from a location close to the fire.  (Land mode).
·        The system is able to act in coordinated teams quickly covering wide areas of the fire.  
·        This system could be adapted to different types of aircraft to launch it at certain altitude above the fire. (Air mode).