Advanced Engineering Solutions

Founded in 2016 by

  • Jaime Sánchez Gallego

Incubation period

22-11-2016 to 22-11-2018


Start-up created for R&D and aerospace design with the goal to become experts in the design of drones, i.e. unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for civilian use with a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) above 150kg. This includes: a nitrofirex system, night-time aerial firefighting, development of fixed wing UAVs, R&D and airspace project management, aerospace engineering consulting.

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The challenge

Nowadays, the technologies already in use are the same as the ones used after the World War II. The excess of bomber and amphibian aircrafts where used for aerial firefighting as they are used today. 

The solution

What we propose, is the enhancement of aerial firefighting technologies in order to reach the same technological level as detection systems. This will lead to an increase of extinguishing effectivity that linked with reaction time will help in the preservation of our forests.