Stock Logistics Optimization

Founded in 2016 by

  • Mario Inglés

  • Francisco Inglés

  • Nicolás Hornillos

Incubation period

01-09-2016 to 01-03-2018

About OBUU

OBUU is a company that was born in the aerospace sector with the main objective to reduce the direct investment in integral stock for the maintenance of complex systems, to improve the fleet operative availability. This includes: the development of an integral stock optimization mathematical model, the implementation of the mathematical model into an algorithm, interoperability with data bases and APIs, continuous development to improve related capabilities.

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The challenge

OBUU has a deep understanding of the VMtric mathematicla model, a method for statistical logistic problem solving within the complex multi-echelon scenarios developed by different Army Research Laboratories in the 70s for Aircraft fleet deployment in conflictive areas.
OBUU has adapted and improved this mathematical model to create an Advanced Optimisation Technology, that includes a much wider range of industrial applications:
- Stock Provisioning Current Perfomance
- Stock Optimisation for different simulated scenarios
- With a fixed investment range, improving the efficiency
- With a fixed efficiency, decreasing the investment cost
- Reaching the optimum stock performace, reducing cost and increasing efficiency
- Optimised Initial Provisioning Lists
- Consumable Stocks Optimisation
- Etc.

The solution

OBUU is pioneering in the mathematical modelling to calculate the Ground Support Equipment “usability” parameters.
By means of its software, OBUU CALCUL v1.3, the latest 2016 version of our TOOLING USABILITY CALCULATOR, OBUU will be able to Pre-Process all the Usability Parameters according to the Reliability Parameters of the associated Spares in the following way:
Spare Parts -> Aircraft Specific Tools
- TAT (Turn Around Time) -> TOH (Time On Hold)
- MTTR (Mean Time To Remove) -> MTTU (Mean Time To Use) 
- MTBUR (Mean Time Between Unscheduled Removal) -> MTBUU (Mean Time Between Unscheduled Use)
- FRT (Failure Rate) -> URT (Use Rate)
These parameters are created by OBUU, by treating the tools as "non-flying spare parts".
In effect, OBUU Calcul is statistically estimating the uses of the specific tools by measuring the number of times the associated spare parts will fail.