A step further on replicating SUN

Founded in 2016 by

  • Nora Fernandez

  • Graciano

Incubation period

26-11-2016 to 26-11-2018


Saiens Energy iscommitted at boosting energy efficient technologies. Our main business is the development of sun simulation solutions for applications with the need of testing solar products (Photovoltaic cells, Photocatalysis, UV degradation, Phototesting in humans, etc.)

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The challenge

Our new LED based SUN SIMULATORS are already in the market. It’s main characteristics are:

  • Affordable with a significant lower annual maintenance cost and 10x times higher light lifetime (10.000h).
  • The light is discretized into LEDs, each one with specific wavelength and intensity, allowing a precise tuning and accurate match to the solar spectrum (max of 5% of deviation).
  • Provides the required flexibility to easily adapt to the specific user requirements: precise wavelength (UV, visible and IR) or spectrum (terrestrial AM1.5 or spatial spectrums AM0 (i.e. for testing multi-junction PV cells).

The solution

Development of solar simulators with LEDs, that replicate sun radiation, to study the behavior of solar technologies with high precision, reduced consumption and at an affordable price. This includes: sun simulators with LEDs, didactic systems for solar spectrum replica, design and construction of mechanical systems for the industry, simulation of optics, thermal, structural and fluidynamics.