Avionics Control Systems B.V.

Technology development and drone systems

Founded in 2012 by

  • Mauro Garcia

Incubation period

01-07-2012 to 01-07-2014


About Avionics Control Systems B.V.

Dutch company focused in Technology Development and Drone Systems, born in the European Space Agency Incubation Center. We provide tailored hardware and software systems from designing until final delivery for companies, meanwhile we develop our own projects. In the other side we create tailored autopilots for drones; multicopters, fixed and flapping wings, zeppelins, etc.
Our goal is to develop robust and high end products becoming a reference in IOT industry and unmanned tech.

Contact info

The challenge

Our goal and challenge is to became a reference in Unmanned Technologies and IOT industry, by developing robust and high end products.
Avionics Control Systems B.V. was born as a company focused in the creation of tailored autopilot for drones (copters, fixed or flapping wings, helicopters, etc).
Due to the demand of technological solutions, in the last two years we have developed a new department in the company specialized in hardware and software development, from design until final delivery for our clients from diferent industries.
We are specialized in embedded systems, sensors and communication systems.

The solution


  • Rapid Prototyping
  • End IOT products/devices
  • Hardware development/ Design and integration of PCBs
  • Software development
  • Sensorics
  • Communication systems
  • Integration of embedded systems


  • Especialized tailored drone autopilots for any kind of aircraft (copters, fixed or flapping wings, helicopters, etc)
  • Development and integration of electronic systems in all kinds of RPAS
  • Drone systems/equipment development and integration
  • Designers and developers of HERMES autopilot