CashRocket is a fintech startup developing a Predictive Cash Flow Analytics SaaS

Founded in 2016 by

  • Nicolas Kramer

  • Amir Piltan

Incubation period

01-07-2016 to 01-11-2017


About CashRocket

CashRocket develops a Predictive Cash Flow Analytics SaaS - using ESA's artificial intelligence - that enable real-time monitoring and forecasting on the key cash flow drivers.

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The challenge

Research on the reasons for bankruptcy of small and medium sized businesses point to one primary cause: Poor cashflow management. Yet, SMEs, banks and accountants keep using spreadsheets as their primary cash flow modeling and management tool: A method that is manual, very error-prone, and - most important - lacks any real-time and data-driven intelligence.

The solution

CashRocket makes the cash flow management process "automated" and its forecasting "smart" through real-time connections to banks transactions, accountancy and CRM packages; and space technology driven artificial intelligence. One of the key features of the tool - enabled by this artificial intelligence - is easy-to-use “what-if” scenarios enabling companies to simulate the impact of business decisions on their future cash flow and KPIs.