E-Naval is a solution-provider for yacht manufacturing companies and shipyards.

Founded in 2014 by

  • Aniel Misier

Incubation period

01-04-2014 to 01-09-2017


About E-Naval

E-Naval develops fully sustainable hybrid systems that can be used for replacing current combustion engines in vessels (i.e.yachts).
With our solution not only the propulsion but also (small) generators can be replaced, thus provide a clean solution with zero emission and no noise!
We help to ensure a carefree experiece for both manufactures and owners of vessels. E-Naval product ensures compliancy with European and national regulation compliancy.

Contact info

    • Kapteynstraat 1
    • 2201 BB
    • Noordwijk
    • Netherlands
  • +31 0681185207

The challenge

The maritime industry is seeking for solutions that are more environmentally friendly. The impact of the maritime industry on the environment is significant. Vessels must be greener and safer. The environmental requirements for yachts (pleasure craft) are continually tightened. European rules steering towards emission control neutral (CO2, SOx and NOx) sail. Failure to comply with the rules leads to the excluding of these yachts from "clean" areas of operation and therefore be limited in it's area of operation (Inter alia marinas, City of Amsterdam, Giethoorn etc.). The number of places where the ban on polluting and noisy yachts and boats is maintained is expected to increase as a result of regulation.

The solution

With use of space technology we are able to develop a hybrid system that offers a highly efficient energy management system based on two main energy sources (battery cell and fuel cell). On top the system offers a fail-sail feature that allow to always complete the sail mission and because of the high effciency more nautical miles per mission.