eFarmer B.V.

eFarmer organizes fieldwork for small and medium sized farms around the world with GNSS

Founded in 2010 by

  • Michael Utkin

  • Sergey Tikhonov

  • Alexey Bogatyryov

Incubation period

01-09-2014 to 01-10-2016


About eFarmer B.V.

•Vision  To develop and promote the most used and most useful precision farming services solutions.
•Mission  It is our mission to create and spread smart agriculture innovations. With our technological, farming and entrepreneurship talent we create user-friendly precision farming solutions for family owned farms around the world. We facilitate farmer-to-farmer collaboration, efficient use of natural resources and work/life balance.

Contact info

The challenge

The problem:
•Most farmers are fully stretched with their daily work and cannot spend too much with paperwork.
•Sharing operations/tasks  is quite difficult for farmers.
•Absence of affordable field guidance system integrated with farm management system.
Targeted industries/markets: Agriculture/farming – industry; Precision Farming – market; Farm management  - market
Product fields in general: GPS Guidance system integrated with farm management software ; Farm management software ( web & mobile platforms)
Family farmers face low margins, a lot of work and increased government regulation. eFarmer assist farmers and contractors in increasing profit, dealing with regulation and saving time. 
In the EU most of the agricultural production is done by family farms, thus it is a target market for eFarmer.

The solution

Explanation of your solutions (product / service provided):
•eFarm Pilot – is a mobile field guidance system that consist of mobile app and external GNSS antenna. Its aim is to help small and medium sized family farms to improve yields by up to 5% and save up to EUR 13 per hectare by using the system. eFarm Pilot is integrated with farm management system for documenting fieldwork and compliance.
•eFarm Manager – is a mobile farm management app connected to cloud service. Its aim is to help owners and managers of family, small, medium row crop farms with organizing fieldwork and compliance. It will save time up to 2 hours a field day and become a collaboration tool to link farming community together.