Commuting will never be the same again

Founded in 2013 by

  • Nikolai Carels

  • Martin de Haas

  • Bart de Wert

Incubation period

01-05-2013 to 01-07-2016


About Elbibi

With Elbibi you will cycle to work without the draw-backs of cycling. Arriving sweaty or soaking wet because of a rainshower is now a thing from 
the past. Disruptive technology | Serial Hybrid Drive will make you cycle at a top speed of 45 KM an hour! But no helmet is required!! 



Contact info

    • Kapteynstraat 1
    • 2201 BB
    • Noordwijk
    • Netherlands
  • +31 123456789

The challenge

Mobility in metropolitan areas all over the world will change drastically in the near future. We think that Elbibi will play an important role in the transition to lighter, more efficient and healthier mobility. For the acceptance of two wheelers in the western world safety will be the key issue. The roll over cage of the Elbibi in combination with the safety belts will make it the safest two wheeler on earth. Our challenge is to set up a first pilot bacthin cooperation with partner companies and proof that our solution will be positively adapted by a large group of commuters.

The solution

The gap in the market of urban transport that creates flexibility in and around cities at distances between 10 and 30 km is all to clear. Transportation Research (Municipality of Amsterdam) shows this gap, which arises because cars and public transport in major cities have an ill performance in big and crowded metropoles. This is true anywhere in the world because the underlying cause of the ever increasing housing density causes the to high car transport densities in all these 
metropolis. It is expected Elbibi will first be used primarily as an additional vehicle for commuters travelling by car or public transport. This means Elbibi can be used as a complementary means of transport for car use. It can be used as an alternative for public transport or as a “last mile” solution in combination with public transport. It does not compete directly with car manufacturers for which it even can be an attractive addition.