Secure your business with EXXFIRE space technology for fire suppression

Founded in 2011 by

  • Harm Botter

Incubation period

01-02-2011 to 31-01-2013


About ExxFire

EXXFIRE is a startup company with worldwide ambition. The team of now 10 consists of engineers from various countries, two from the UK, 1 from India, 1 from France, 1 from Spain and the rest of the Netherlands. EXXFIRE will try to introduce a new gas storage technology into the fire suppression market.

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The challenge

The EXXFIRE cool gas generator innovation from space is going to change the gas market for good. This GAME CHANGING gas storage and release technology will soon be a better altenative for all (high) pressure stored gaseous systems in data centres, data rooms, server racks or E-cabinets. It provides a safe and lifelong maintenance low product which is easy to install and has superior characteristics.

The solution

Total flooding is a fire extinguishing technique in which the oxygen (O2) level in a room is brought down to a level where the fire will automatically die out. In a normal situation the Oxygen level is 20% and 78% is Nitrogen plus 2% of CO2, Argon and a small amount of rest particles. Oxygen is the main fuel for fire is you bring the level below 10%, fire will never start and below 15% Oxygen level the fire will extinguish by itself. If total flooding is being used as fire suppression method in human occupied spaces there are safety precautions necessary. The Cool Gas Generator technology was developed by TNO Defence & Security for ESA. This successfully proven and severely tested technology is further developed by EXXFIRE to be used as fire suppression systems and gas cylinder replacement.