farmAR: making the invisible visible

Founded in 2017 by

  • Beril Sirmacek

  • Linda van Duivenbode

Incubation period

01-09-2017 to 01-09-2017

About farmAR

farmAR is a pioneering idea that uses an augmented reality app based on satellite imagery. farmAR puts information about land and crops directly onto the farmer’s mobile phone camera display. Farmers in the field can access all the relevant information that is normally invisible to the naked eye. On site, they can efficiently and effectively decide how to save time and money by reducing unnecessary chemical usage. Plants become healthier and soil becomes richer.

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The challenge

Detecting anomalies in soil or crop relies mostly on visual inspection. And by the time a problem is visible to the human eye, the only option is to try and repair any damage. Often therefore preventative action is to apply water, fertilisers and agro-chemicals all over the field, even where this is not needed. Satellite and drone imagery are known to support an early-warning system, but require specialist knowledge and software. The 2D images, often only available on a desktop in the office, don’t provide a meaningful context for the farmer to act upon. farmAR converts complex data into easy-to-access indicators on a mobile device. 

The solution

The advantage of farmAR is the use of easy-to-interpret geoTags. These geoTags are displayed on the camera of a mobile device, showing the exact position in the field where the satellite has detected the anomaly. The geo-location allows traveling to the precise location for further analysis and action. In the field, the app allows adding photos and notes for later processing and evaluation. Standard satellite data provides information about soil organic matter, invasive weeds, crop vegetation and water level.
This early warning allows a faster and more precise response, using input only where and when needed. As result, crop quality and yield are improved, inputs optimised and profitability improved while contributing to a more sustainable agriculture.