Founded in 2014 by

  • Willem Folkers

Incubation period

01-04-2014 to 01-12-2016

About Folkline

GRAS is the current name for a GNSS RECORDER FOR ANTI SPOOFING, the concept will use a RECORDER for PRS and OS snapshots, a READER to compute a PVT. The recorder will be linked to objects or people and the reader will be handled as a remote and secure server. The concept has been patented in The Netherlands, Europe, the U.S.A. and Canada.
Currently a demonstrator has been developed and will be tested in Q4 2016.

Contact info

The challenge

To define enough (numbers) and sufficient (size) samples to be recorded, such that the reader can compute a PVT or authenticate the positions.

The solution

 Together with CGI NL, NLR and FGI (Finland) the consortium is working hard to build a demonstrator after the definition phase in SBIC (2014-2016) and an end-to-end demonstration is foreseen in Q4 2016 and will result in the incubatee's FR.
 In 2017 the project will continue to develop a number of recorder prototypes and at least one reader as a prototype for the secure and remote server, including tests with potential customers, agents and with governmental support.