Developing the world's first mobile self-heating lunchbox. Enjoy a hot meal. Anytime. Anywhere.

Founded in 2017 by

  • Maximilian Langer

  • Jesse Hupkens

  • Koen Phillippaerts

Incubation period

01-08-2017 to 01-08-2019

About HeatAway

HeatAway is developing an autonomously heating lunchbox so you can warm up your meals wherever you are. Say goodbye to cold pasta or the same old sandwiches! 
We want to bring convience and healthy eating together into an aesthetically pleasing product. 
Save time, pay less and eat better.

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The challenge

Of course everybody is a potential target customer of the HeatAway, but for the beginning we focused on three promising sub-segments: People with food allergies; Athletes/Fitness Fanatics; Weight Watchers
All three segments have a common problem, they are limited in their food intake and usually have specific meal plans. This creates a problem for them in today's active, mobile lifestyle. They can't find the right food for them from take-out restaurant, convenience foods or are tired of the few choices they are left with. The HeatAway will help them enjoy eating again, as it dramatically increases the variety in their diet. Fitness Fanatics for example eat 5-7 meals a day, many of them outside of home and usually cold...they told us that eating becomes a struggle and that is something it shouldn't be!
HeatAway wants to help them and others enjoy a hot, delicious meal anytime, anywhere.

The solution

The solution, as already hinted, will be the HeatAway - a mobile, self-heating lunchbox that fits the busy lifestyle of today. The HeatAway is aimed to be light and small in size so it can follow you everywhere you go. Its intuitive controls will be accompanied by a smartphone app with curated recipes, a community section, and a choice of different heating programs. This will enable you to quickly heat up a meal indepentend of power outlets. The light battery pack will be designed to last for two to three heating cycles before you need to charge it again. Verhaert will be our main technological partner in this exciting endeavor.
So take your leftover dinner to work and let's fight food waste together!