Global insights through IoT connectivity at affordable cost

Founded in 2016 by

  • Coen Janssen

  • Ernst Peter Hovinga

  • Maarten Engelen

Incubation period

01-02-2017 to 01-02-2019

About Hiber

Hiber aims to provide affordable connectivity for sensor and IoT-related devices. The main focus is on ease of use, and being able to provide a global IoT solution. The network is built up with small satellites, creating the possibility to have global coverage. By rolling out a global localization and monitoring service, system integrators are able to expand their current business.

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The challenge

Rolling out a global service while launching your own constellation brings more than one challenge. As we are in final preparations of launching our first satellites in space, we are confident that the satellites will be ready in time. Next up is the technology required to send data from the communication nodes to the satellites and enabling thousands if not millions of these messages to be picked up by the satellites. Not only the technology, but also getting the actual hardware (integrated by our customers) into the field and the distribution and logistics involved in that whole operation can be quite challenging.
At the moment we are blessed to have ample investments into our company to ensure operations of our first satellites, so we are looking forward to get these challenges out of the way and launch our global service of low cost and low power IoT connectivity.

The solution