JOHAN Sports

Track and analyse the performance of the players in your team.

Founded in 2013 by

  • Jelle Reichert

  • Robin van Kappel

Incubation period

01-08-2014 to 01-12-2016

About JOHAN Sports

JOHAN offers the first affordable and usable tracking system for field sports on the global sports market. Every player wears a small, light and robust device to track the location, speed, distances and accelerations. This measured data is visualised online in a personalised analysis environment for coaches and players.

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The challenge

Existing tracking technologies are too expensive (video-based systems) or not precise enough (GPS-based systems). Next to this, these systems are used by and designed for specialized sport scientists. Therefore, these systems are only used by elite sports teams. For example, in the Netherlands only Ajax, PSV and AZ make use of these technologies.
By using recent innovations in the GNSS world, JOHAN makes a big improvement on existing systems in terms of precision, costs and usability. In this way, it will be available to a much larger market. The final goal is that even amateur teams can profit from the advances in technology.

The solution

The JOHAN system gives insight into all the movements that each indivual player has made during every training and match. These insights enable the coach to optimize the performance of their team. This is done for physiological and tactical purposes: 
• Physiology

o Improve physical performance
o Prevention of injuries (overload)
o Optimize rehabilitation from injuries