Lens R&D

High reliability sun sensing solutions with an unprecedented price to performance ratio.

Founded in 2012 by

  • Johan Leijtens

Incubation period

01-07-2012 to 01-07-2014


About Lens R&D

Sun sensing solutions for both space and terrestrial applications optimised for large scale batch manufacturing processes which exhibit a very high reliability but are still very affordable.
Special versions that can stand temperature ranges down to -125C and as high as +125C are currently under development.
Lens R&D is the first company to try and deliver according to the SCOTS approach.
This entails delivering Space grade componenst from stock.

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The challenge

Lens R&D started in the ESA business incubation program to take the reliability associated with sunsensors for space applications and turn this into a much more cost effective product for terrestrial applications (concentrated photovoltaic installations which will have to survive for 25 years in the desert). Apart from the technical challenges, getting accepted to be a significant player as a two man company in a world of large contracts turned out to be equally challenging.

The solution

Developing high reliability sunsensors with an unprecedented price to performance ratio for both Space and terrestrial applications has been achieved by optimising for large scale production through the use of MEMS technologies, unattended machining and pick and place assembly. Convincing potential customers has been achieved through the building of breadboard sensors (with help of the ESA_BIC incentive) and qualification tests supported via the ESA BIC program. The successfulness of this approach is demonstrated by a listing on the ESA harmonisation roadmap as well as by election (by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and Shell) to be the most innovative company of the Netherlands.