Advanced Fixed and Mobile Content Delivery Solutions

Founded in 2011 by

  • Taras Matselyukh

Incubation period

01-01-2014 to 31-12-2016



Opt/Net BV is a Dutch registered private small business (SME). We target the 12 billion $ worldwide market for operations support and network management systems in telecom, ICT and Cybersecurity market segments.
The services of our company are in demand and retained by leading telecom vendors and system integrators worldwide. We are planning to launch the new product and commercialize it in the course of the next two years.

Contact info

    • Kapteynstraat 1
    • 2201 BB
    • Noordwijk
    • Netherlands
  • +31 72 5815940

The challenge

Telecom networks, complex ICT systems, critical urban infrastructures, airplanes, nuclear plants have one thing in common –they can go down all of a sudden, often with catastrophic consequences. Early clues in telemetry go unnoticed or are deliberately discarded by state of the art operation support systems (OSS). There is no platform on the market today that can intelligently visualize complex systems telemetry in near-real-time and prevent catastrophic operator errors. Operators need visibility into managed systems and assistance with detection of subtle abnormalities before failures occur. 

The solution

Our solution to the problem is based on our extensive ‘know-how’ and more than 20 years of field experience with leading telecom operators of the world. Combined with proven ESA technology developed for space flagship missions (i.e. Venus Express and Rosetta) we expect to achieve superior results with automatic anomaly detection and human assisted anomaly classification.
Our product already provides unprecedented visibility into managed systems and can predict or prevents major incidents, which could potentially cost billions in revenue losses to the service operators.