Orbital Eye

Orbital Eye offers solutions for safer transport of hazardous materials via transmission pipelines

Founded in 2012 by

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Incubation period

01-06-2012 to 01-06-2014


About Orbital Eye

Orbital Eye's flagship product is PIMSyS. PIMSyS contineous monitors pipelines using radar satellites.
PIMSyS is a service for the detection of threats by third parties to the integrity of pipelines. Examples of such threats are: excavations, construction activities, city encroachment, etc.
PIMSyS can be used in the field by field technicians and in the office. PIMSyS also supports pipeline operators in the management of all third party events.

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The challenge

To make the transport of hazerdous materials via pipelines safer by preventing failures caused by third party events.

The solution

We deliver a service. Our service is 100% OPEX based. We integrate our service in the business processes of pipeline operators.