Making unused, private parking accessible to the public via mobile.

Founded in 2013 by

  • Tom Buchmann

  • Jian Jiang

Incubation period

01-05-2014 to 01-05-2015


About ParkBee

Significantly reduce inner-city congestion by making efficient use of private parking resources and providing valuable real-time parking information to the driver.

Contact info

    • Fahrenheitstraat 99
    • 1097 PP
    • Amsterdam
    • The Netherlands
  • 0630587395

The challenge

The municipality of Amsterdam says that the shortage of parking places has become their number 1 problem. Their solution is to invest 400 million euros over the coming years to open public parking garages.  However, think of company office parking garage which is empty on evenings and weekends or residential garages which is not used during the day. 
ParkBee provides a simple, zero-investment solution to real estate investment companies to make their private parking accessible to the public. ParkBee cooperates with existing, global parking app providers to make the private garages available to their user-base through their platform.

The solution

ParkBee has developed a flexible software solution so private garage owners can control the spots made available to the public when they want, and how they want. Through the ParkBee portal owners can set times and spots they would like to make available. When activated, the public simply see the ParkBee garage on existing global parking app platforms and the number of available spots and can enter and exit the garage from one click of an app!
Our innovative solution of a keyless, cloud-based system for entry and exit of a garage pioneers current alternatives which require either an exchange of a key or a heavy investment in hardware.