Polariks innovates the centuries-old wine business with hyperspectral imaging.

Founded in 2017 by

  • Max Wijsman

  • Dennis van der Wiel

Incubation period

01-05-2017 to 01-05-2019

About Polariks

In the global wine market winemakers face one major challenge daily, how can they produce high quality wine every year?
Polariks delivers an easy to use sophisticated all-in-one system to produce better- and consistent- quality wine.
The goal of Polariks is to eliminate low-quality wine and enable winegrowers to create consistently great wine year after year.

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The challenge

While academic research is plentifull towards the possibilities of hyperspectral imaging, real world applications remain scarce due to the complexity of non-laboratory environments.

The solution

Polariks will create the first commercially available affordable Hyperspectral Camera, enabling detection of the flavor profile of grapes in the vineyard.
Combining this data with observed data from leaves and soil, our autonomous measuring system will deliver the most important information the farmer is looking for in an easy and convenient way.
Polariks combines backgrounds in Optics, Biotechnology and data analysis to deliver a product which is not a measuring device, but an extension of the farmer. Together with a team of industry leading experts, a proof-of-concept has been developed, collaboration has started with 14 wine farmers, we are integrated into the European Space Agency Business Incubator and we have started a partnership with the crucial developing partners.